Over the past few weeks I have been able to create many projects utilizing technology.

I was able to create Spreadsheets and Forms through Google Docs. Spreadsheets can help educators organize data and aid in the development of content. When students use spreadsheets, they can make new discoveries in data and save can time, when used appropriately. My spreadsheet shows how might organize grades as a teacher.

EDCI 505 Spreadsheet (1)EDCI 505 Spreadsheet (2) EDCI 505 Spreadsheet (3)

Forms are an excellent resource for teachers to make a tests or surveys for students. Teachers can create a form through google docs and student responses automatically become encoded in a spreadsheet.Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 1.06.23 AM

I also learned about HyperMedia. HyperMedia features material that jumps from one subject to the next in a non-linear way. Teachers use tools such as PowerPoint to make presentations and lessons come to life. My PowerPoint served to teach students about the Parts of Speech.

We learned that there are many presentation tools online that enable users to do more than Powerpoint. Prezi, Slideshare, and VoiceThread are three technologies that create new and different presentations. I used Inspiration to layout the positive and negative aspects of each presentation tool and compare the technology to PowerPoint.

One of my favorite projects was on Digital Storytelling. Digital storytelling is tool that allows users to create their own videos. Teachers can use movies to convey information that helps their students understand a topic. I created my own movie that brought a lesson to life. My video is on the parts of speech and can be viewed below.

As this class is wrapping up, I feel that it has helped me learn invaluable information about various tools, technologies and websites that will help me become better educators. I look forward to putting all that I have learned to use in my future classroom and I am excited to continue to learn different ways I can incorporate technology into my future classroom.