Since our initial assignments, I have been able to actively create projects with the new technology we’ve learned about.

Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 11.05.30 PMIn the last week, I was able to create an interactive poster. There are many different types of interactive posters on the internet, but I used Glogster to create one. The technology enables the user to make not only a visual aid, but also a creative source of links for students to use to explore a subject. Students can use interactive posters to make creative individual projects, or can collaborate to make the poster as a group project. The software enables teachers to have more options in the classroom and keep students involved in the learning. I used Glogster to create an interactive poster that explains the steps of the writing processThis is an interactive way for students to learn about how to write properly.  In the Glogster Poster, students can click on each of the images to find out more about each step in the writing process. They can also listen to a podcast on writing and watch a video on the process through attachments on the poster.

INTIMATIONI was also able to learn about incorporating visual learning into the classroom through Inspiration. Inspiration is a tool that aids visual learners by helping students can organize their thoughts. It allows teachers and students to map out their work in any format they see fit. I created an Inspiration on the vocabulary word “intimation.” I was able to create a graphic organizer that included the definition, derivation, synonyms, antonyms and sentence examples of the word. It is definitely a technology I would use as a future teacher.